The Mindful Business Charter

Rehumanising the workplace

By identifying the causes of unnecessary stress, we can work to eradicate them, leading to healthier, more productive workplaces.

Unnecessary stress affects everyone, and every business.

£26 billion per year
lost in work related stress and mental illness costs. In the US this figure is estimated at £300 billion.
12 billion days lost
in global productivity to stress and mental ill-health.

The four pillars of the Mindful Business Charter

The Mindful Business Charter is a practical framework that encourages us to be more thoughtful about the impact we have on each other. It allows us to talk openly and honestly with others, by providing a common language built on four pillars.

Openness & Respect

Create and facilitate safe, open cultures to build trust.

Smart Meetings & Communications

Think about what you are saying, when, and to whom.

Respecting Rest Periods

Give consideration to the need for you and others to switch off.

Mindful Delegation

Collaborate, instruct and delegate with care.

The benefits of becoming a member

As well as reducing unnecessary stress, and creating a healthier, more productive workplace, being a member of the MBC means you, your colleagues and your organisation will receive a wide range of benefits:

  • Signatory Calls - showcasing member journeys
  • Insight Sessions - talks by subject experts
  • Members area access - including a library of shared resources
  • Dedicated annual 1-to-1 consultancy support
  • Member events and workshops
  • The ability to convene and create an authoritative voice

Small changes makes a big difference

The MBC has served as a springboard to opening up internal discussions about mental health. Knowing our clients are doing likewise has been imperative in engaging the team and ensuring that we are all striving towards the same goal to create better and safer working environments for everyone.

Addleshaw Goddard, Associate

You should sign up. Here’s how and why.

Leading modern workplaces understand that effective wellbeing strategies involve looking at the causes of unnecessary stress, and removing them, to build healthier, more productive workplaces. Join us to be one of them.